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The Kenwood Basic M2 and M2A Audio Power Amplifiers were designed using special dual output transistors with part numbers DAT1018N, DAT1018P, DAT1521N and DAT1521P. Photo 1 shows a Kenwood Basic M2 with the factory heatsink and dual transistors.
A kit was developed to replace the special dual Sanken transistors with individual discreet audio power transistors. ​Photo 2 shows a Kenwood BASIC M2 with the modification kit installed. The kit offers the following improvements over the original design:
  • Output transistors with excellent gain linearity replace the special dual output transistors.
  • New driver transistors with a higher current and power rating.
  • New pre-driver transistors - 2SA1142/2SC2682 - 200MHz devices.
  • New heat sink with lower thermal resistance provides for better cooling.
  • Heat sink positioning improves air flow around the main and driver heat sinks.
  • Brackets mount the new heat sink in the location of the original heat sink without chassis modification.
  • The heat sink bracket design allows for easy replacement of output devices without removing the power amp board.
  • Quality double sided pc boards with solder mask and silk screen legend are included to connect the new output devices to the main pc board in the amplifier.
  • Large holes in the pc boards for the output transistor leadss allow for easy unsoldering in the event of device failure.
  • The bias diodes are mounted in a more optimal location between the output devices for each channel.
  • Heavier 22 gauge 4 conductor ribbon cables are included to replace the original 24 gauge 4 conductor cables.
  • A new 80 C fan thermal switch in a TO-220 package is included, preassembled with new wiring.
  • Larger precision laser cut driver transistor heat sinks are included that fit original hones in the pc board.
  • Sealed trim pots for idle current adjust that replace the factory open frame pots.
  • Plastic alignment tool for trim pots.
Complete documentation is provided on CD-R:
  • High resolution scans of the Kenwood M2 and M2A instruction manual in JPG format.
  • High resolution scans of the Kenwood M2 and M2A service manual in JPG format.
  • High resolution scans of the Kenwood Basic Series brochures in JPG format.
  • Kit instructions in PDF format.

This kit is intended for individuals with experience servicing audio power amplifiers.
Buyer assumes full responsibility for proper installation of the kit.

                                                   ​THIS IS NOT A REPAIR KIT
There may be components in your amplifier that are damaged that are not included in this kit.

Go to the Contact page for information about purchasing the Kenwood Basic M2/M2A Modification Kit or having it installed in your Basic M2 or M2A.
1 - Kenwood BASIC ​M2 with factory heatsink
2- Kenwood BASIC ​M2 with Modification Kit Installed
3- Kenwood BASIC ​M2/M2A Modification Kit