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Basic M2/M2A
Audio Power Amplifiers
Kenwood Basic Series Replacement Part Kits
Item # 8101001
Item # 8101002
Item # 8101013
Item # 8101012
Item # 8101016
M2/M2A Resistor Kit
M2/M2A Protection Circuit Kit
M2/M2A Pre-Driver Kit
C1/M2/M2A Power Switch Kit
M2/M2A Replacement Feet Kit
Item # 8101006
Item # 8101014
Item # 8101017
C2 Capacitor Kit
C1 Capacitor Kit
M1 Capacitor Kit
Item # 8101009
Item # 8101010
Item # 8101005
M2/M2A Capacitor Kit
M2 Power Meter Capacitor Kit
M2A Power Meter Capacitor Kit
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​Parts may be supplied in DRM Audio & Home Theater packaging until all existing stock is depleted.