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Kenwood Basic M2/M2A Service
I will service your non-working Kenwood Basic M2 or Basic M2A or install modification kits I have available.

Service includes a thourough cleaning of the unit, including the chassis and pc boards. Kenwood utilized a no-clean solder flux during production, which is left on the pc boards. The pc boards are cleaned to remove this solder flux.

A close inspection of pc boards is performed, with a special focus bad solder joints. It is common for solder joints in the Kenwood Basic M2 and M2A to be fractured. This is a common cause of failure, and can also be the cause of popping sounds when the unit is tapped on.
Kenwood Basic M2A Before Service
Fractured Solder Joints
Kenwood Basic M2A After Service & Kit Installation
Units are bench tested for a minimum for 4 hours after power up, after which a final test is performed. The results of the final test are logged, which includes power supply voltages, power output at 4 and 8 ohms.

Complete documentation is provided on CD-R, which includes:

  • Photos of repair progress
  • Test results in pdf format
  • Kenwood insutruction and service manuals

Go to the CONTACT page to request detailed information about servicing your Kenwood Basic M2 or M2A.