Kenwood BAsic M2/M2A


DAT1018N DAT1018P DAT1521N DAT1521P Transistors

The Kenwood Basic M2 and M2A were designed to use dual Sanken power transistors in MT-200 packages. These transistors are no longer available from Kenwood parts.

Kenwood Basic M2/M2A Modification Kit

The Kenwood Basic M2/M2A Modification kit is designed to replace the dual transistors with discrete transistors. The kit includes all new output transistors and mounting hardware. PC boards and ribbon cables that connect the output transistors to the main pc board are included.

Heat Sink

A new heatsink with more surface area and lower thermal resistance than the original heatsink. Brackets and hardware are included to mount the heatsink in a Basic M2 or M2A without any modifications to the chassis.

Driver Transistors

New heatsinks for the driver transistors are included that have approximately 4 times the surface area of the original drive transistors heatsinks. New driver transistors are included in the kit.

Pre-Driver Stage

New transistors for the Pre-Driver stage are included in the kit.


Instructions with full color photos are provided in a 41 page document in PDF format. 

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